Terry MollnerChairman & Co-Founder

    Terry is a socially responsible industry pioneer. In the 1970s, he led the team that created the first comprehensive set of screens for socially responsible investing (SRI). He is a well-respected elder within the sustainable, responsible investing community and advises the firm on global trends.

    Chairman Mollner was then a co-founder of the Calvert Social Investment Funds, the first and largest family of social funds, with $15 billion under management, now a division of Eaton Vance. He sat on Calvert’s Board of Directors for three and a half decades and is now on its Advisory Board, responsible for making sure impact investing, as it is now called, goes mainstream honestly. He also co-founded the Calvert Foundation, now called Calvert Impact Capital, which raises and loans capital to “end poverty through investment.” It has loaned over $2.5 billion to reduce poverty around the world.

    Stakeholders Capital builds portfolios using funds from many SRI fund families including but not exclusively, from Calvert.

    Terry helped broker the deal for Unilever’s purchase of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, securing a contract that will allow it to forever remain a socially responsible company. After the sale, he served on its board for eighteen years.

    He is also the Founder and President of Trusteeship Institute, a think tank and consulting firm in economic and social development. In existence since 1973, its current focus is on the development of the Common Good Movement that holds as its highest priority the common good. Subsets of the movement include common good capitalism and common good investing, the next stages in their evolution.

    Terry is active in the non-profit world and, while on its board, was founder of Investment Sub-Committee of the United Way of Hampshire County, Massachusetts. He has continued to chair this committee for more than ten years. He serves on the board of directors of CoolCap Fund, Inc., which makes loans to allow small farmers in Africa to purchase equipment that can significantly increase their efficiency.

    He also serves on the boards of: PCI Media, Inc., which uses media to create positive social change in emerging and frontier countries; The Foundation for Climate Restoration, Inc., working to bring CO2 out of the atmosphere; and Civana, creating an online platform that will allow all organizations working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to easily work together to rapidly accomplish this task.

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